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Dominique Leda-Jay Addams
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United Kingdom
I am Dominique Leda-Jay Addams :]
I am young, I am living in United Kingdom.
I am a sweet, and genuine girl; unless I have a reason to be a bitch or I dislike you for any type of reason, then I do not give two fucks.
I love the sounds of thunders and lightning.
You have to earn my respect then I will give you the respect back.
I do not care if everyone hates you and people tell me shit concerning you, I will gain my own opinion without any help from others.
I am sarcastic as fuck at times, if you cannot deal.. Then don't? Lulwut.
I have many devotions, but none I care to do professionally. So it irritates me endlessly not knowing what I want to do in life.
I love doing fashion, arts, music and photography.
Fashion, music and photography are the passions.
First impressions count the most with me.
Do not stereotype me, you won't fit me in a "category," one day I look one way, when my mood changes, I will look another.
I giggle, a lot.
I HATEHATEHATE being tickled or poked -.-
I am twenty two years young and I try to hold tightly on to my childhood.
I have so many beliefs that my may seem strange to some, but I stick to them none the less.
I spend as much time as I can thinking about life and dreaming up possibilities.
I am a HUUUGE video game lover. Mostly a fan of The Sims 2 and 3, Final Fantasy, Saint Row, Hitman, Tekken and Call of Duty.
I have one cat called Sooty-Frankenstein :3
I love him, he is my baby x]
Vampires have always been my favourite for as long as I can remember.
I have repeated dreams about vampires, zombies and murder since the age of seven years old, they always making me wake up every night but now and then I do have nice dreams.
I love fantasy and magic, but I adore my gorgeous fiancé Mattie Owen A.K.A Mattie Filth, he is what I think about all the time.
I still believe in angels, vampires, unicorns and all that shit, LOL, because crap life is so much more bad ass when you see the world with an imaginative point of view ;D
Yes, that means I have huge imagination world going on tehe, I am creative as hell mann.
I am inked and pierced, like it or not.
I make immature comments, run around screaming, say silly things and make funny faces :O
I can be very mature, I know how to handle a lot of things.
I try to learn from my mistakes, I am not perfect, but neither are you ^.^
I learn something new every day, I try to make the best of life :3
I am sensitive, I tend to take things personally.. :/
I do not have real friends, because they bullying me a lot so I only have my boyfriend.
I have been emotionally hurt. Too many times to count.
I draw anime and manga, I am soon going to be learning photography :3
After I graduated, I aspire to be become a model or photographer or both LOL.
I love to rave, I try to when I can at my house tehe :3
If you want, feel free to call me Dominique Manson too :D
I have the greatest, most amazing boyfriend in the world
He give me everything that I could ask for, and lift me when I feel down.
I am thankful and grateful for everything that I have, and count my blessing every day.
I try to stay as positive and hopeful as I can all the time, I have learned that it really can make a difference when one sees the world through the eyes of an optimist :))
So get to know me more.
With love,
Dominique Manson


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